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Welcome to the PDCA of Sacramento

The Painters and Decorators Contractors Association of Sacramento (PDCA) was started in 1955 to unite contractors and the painting, decorating and allied crafts in northern California for the enrichment of the field. The association works closely with the Union in negotiating a contract for the employees.

The PDCA of Sacramento provides a place where members can share ideas with employers within their craft. We also enable and encourage employers to attend various conferences that would be beneficial in building and equipping their business. . . . [READ MORE]

Our Painting Contractors

Commercial and Industrial Painters

Whether it’s a great new paint color for your office or a large manufacturing environment or an apartment complex indoors or out, our experienced and knowledgable PDCA members can assist you. Our painting contractor members are familiar with all surfaces and will ensure the correct preparation and materials are used for your specific needs to ensure your area looks beautiful and protects against the elements or wear and tear.

Interior Painting

To ensure your office, building or apartment complex looks amazing and that it lasts against the daily wear and tear commercial facilities in the Sacrmento, Roseville and Rocklin areas receive they will ensure that surfaces are properly prepared for paint and to use the best quality paints specifically designed for commercial environments. Whether it’s a doctor’s office with high wear and tear due to chairs and moving carts, wheel chairs and more or a large apartment complex with constant hallway traffic our painting contractor members will ensure they stand up to the wear and tear and reflect your business or property well. As well, if you need help choosing the best colours to match the decor they can offer their expert advice.

Exterior Painting

Proper preparation and ensuring the proper paint and protection coatings is crucial to withstand the elements in the Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville and Northern California weather that buildings withstand. Our painting contractor members stay up to date on all the latest commercial products and can recommend the best paint and protective coatings that work best for your business or building based on the surface materials. Having the best paint and protective coatings will ensure that you receive the best return on your investment when painting your building.

Manufacturing / Warehouse Painting

Our painting contractor members have vast experience in painting manufacturing and warehouses within the Sacramento, Roseville and Rockling areas. They are familiar with the best preparation techniques, paints and protective coating materials that will ensure all the surfaces are protected from the elements and corrosion. Whether it’s metal silos, containers, manufacturing equipment or the building itself our members will ensure the job is done correctly and will work with you to impact your manufacturing or business as little as possible.

Why Hire One Of Our Painting Contractors

Are you looking for a professional painting contractor for your commercial or industrial painting needs? Consider hiring one of our members. Our painting contractors are all local to the Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin and greater Sacramento area. They are experienced professionals dedicated to being the best in their craft through additional training, meetings and conferences.

If you are interested in hiring one of our members, please click here.

PDCA has launched this new website in order to serve our members more effectively.  Please take a moment to browse around.